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When it comes time to put up your flocked Christmas trees this holiday season, you need to use whatever tips that you can find in order to make sure that this tree looks amazing! Before you put this up, be sure to read through these tips and utilize all of them so that your flocked Christmas trees look flawless.

1. First, make sure the branches are separated from each other, as this helps the trees to look full. You need to take the time to make sure that each branch is as separated from each other as much as possible.

Do this before you start decorating it. This will make the tree look richer.

2. If you haven’t selected a tree that already has the lights on, then be sure that you plug these up to ensure that they are working.

3. It is recommended to use hooks when hanging ornaments. This simply looks cleaner when they are hanging on the tree.

4. Be sure that the floor is even and the tree is stable before you start hanging ornaments and getting this all together. No one wants to have the situation in which their tree tips over because the floor is uneven!

5. Do not let curtains and other drapes interfere with the tree. This is especially important if you have pets that are around the tree. They have been known to climb these curtains and jump onto the tree, knocking it over.

6. Be sure that you are putting the heavier ornaments closer to the bottom of the tree, but deeper inside the tree. This way they are less likely to drop and break, which can happen depending upon how heavy or unsteady the tree is.

7. String the garland first so that the ornaments are front and foremost on the tree. If you do the garland last, it will be strung over the ornaments which simply does not look as good.

For those who are setting up their flocked Christmas trees, be sure that you take your time. Do not rush this. You are going to find that if you rush, you are going to have a lot of mistakes and it may not look as good as you would have hoped. Slow down, take your time, keep these tips in mind and above all else have fun with setting up these trees during the holidays.

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