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What Is A Swag?

Do you want to add your personal touch to your Christmas decorations? A swag is exactly that. A swag is any addition you want to make to your artificial wreaths and garlands. It can be a ribbon, a pine cone, and even fairy lights. You can add swags to artificial wreaths and garlands to increase their beauty and give them a customized touch. There are no restrictions to what you can add to your artificial wreaths and garlands. All you need to do is channel your creativity and develop different materials and designs to alleviate your Christmas decoration..

What Swag Options Can You Go For?

Pine Cones

People have used pine cones as Christmas decorations for several years. They are the symbolic representation of winter and bring earthy tones to your Christmas decor. These pine cones also resemble the shape of the Christmas tree and can be used to make your wreaths and garlands look more festive.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas tree decorations are limited to the tree itself and can be used in decorations around the house. For instance, you can use different ornaments like glass balls, stars, and other figurines in artificial wreaths and garlands. If you have some leftover decorations that are not going on the tree, you can easily decorate your wreath and garlands. These decorations are usually sparkly and colorful. They will add festivity to your otherwise bland decorations. 

Faux Flowers

One can never go wrong with flowers. You can also add  fresh and faux flowers to your Christmas wreaths and garlands. You can also go for different colored flowers such as the traditional red, orange and even yellow. If you opt for artificial flowers, opting for flowers with metallic coating would be an excellent idea, as they will illuminate the wreaths.


Ribbons are always a pleasant touch to your wreaths and garlands. You can go for ribbons of all colors, lengths, and thicknesses. If you want, you can even find patterned and different styles of ribbons. You can weave it into the wreath or you can loom it around the wreath and tie a bow in the front. Whatever way you use it, ribbons are sure to bring a festive look.


A luscious red bow can change the entire look of your artificial wreaths and garlands. If you want to include more than one bow, that works too, but a bow at the bottom of the wreath or garland enhances its beauty greatly.

Stuffed Toys

A stuffed toy can be an interesting addition to your wreath if you have young children at home. You can find a stuffed snowman or a stuffed deer and place them in the center of the wreath. Not only will it look good, but it will also keep your children entertained. They will love the idea of having a stuffed toy in the center of the decoration.

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