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Are you dealing with the decorating of prelit Christmas trees in your home or business? While you can throw just whatever onto the tree, if you truly want a tree that is going to be astounding, then choosing a theme is the best way to go. A prelit Christmas tree theme is going to ensure that the colors are all going to mix well together, that it is going to look as though you spent a lot of time in making this look great, and everyone is going to notice!

So, how do you choose the theme that is going to be great for your prelit Christmas trees? We have a few guidelines that can help you choose!

1. If you are doing this for your office, why not consider a tree theme that is going to show what you do? For example, healthcare offices can hang ornaments that are related to nursing, doctors, stethoscopes, etc. Many health offices even hang rubber gloves, face masks or something along these lines from their prelit Christmas trees as a way to make patients smile at the creativity.

2. What is your favorite colors around Christmas? What colors make you think “Christmas”? This is going to steer you into the right direction as to what theme is going to fit your needs.

3. Do some research on the latest themes and see if any of these appeal to you.

4. Consider a favorite holiday movie as your inspiration for what you will put onto the prelit Christmas trees in your home.

5. Let everyone have a say in what theme is chosen to ensure that this tree is going to be something that everyone loves!

Whatever theme you choose, when you put some thought into this, you are going to find that it will look amazing!

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