There are tons of themes that you can have on your prelit Christmas tree. So many in fact, that many people decide to go with a different theme each year as they love the ideas that are out there. The idea of a shimmer and shine theme for your prelit Christmas tree is going to be one that is classic, yet at the same time it is going to be beautiful.

What does Shimmer and Shine mean?

The shimmer and shine theme is all about having this prelit Christmas tree glow with life. If you are imagining tinsel, lights, glitter and whatnot, then you would be right about these elements being on this tree.

How to Make a Shimmer and Shine Theme

The good news about this theme is that you are going to want to go with certain colors to get the most shimmer and shine that you can. Luckily, you are going to find that the prelit Christmas tree is going to have lights already on this, which makes the shimmer and shine part much easier. A few of the other color options that you can use is silver, gold, white, bright red or even bright green. To make the most of this, you will find that using the silver, gold and white, then picking a bright red or green to add some shine into there is going to give you amazing results!

Decorate this heavily with the shimmer and shine so that when you turn the lights on, you are going to find that it is going to be breathtaking. Darken the lights and watch how this prelit Christmas tree lights up the entire room. It is going to be one theme that everyone is going to love, and this is a simple enough theme that you can change it up slightly year after year.

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