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We tend to give our living room, the Christmas Tree and the home’s exterior so much attention that we forget our mantel is the focal point too. Every holiday season, we fail to give due credit to the mantel and the fireplace.

After all, it’s the important place where Santa sends gives out the gifts, isn’t it? Hence, This year make it a point to give your mantel an extra wonderful makeover. Here are our top ideas of mantel decorations for you:

1.     Winter Wonderland

This one is a brilliant idea for those who have a white fireplace and mantel. Depicting a snowy wonderland theme would look enthralling. You can pull off a completely frozen look by opting for shades of white and blue décor.

Also hang garlands around the mantel for a complete wintry effect.

2.     Christmas Village

How does some country charm at Christmas sound to you? No matter how old we get, a Christmas village with merry go rounds, hot chocolate and hot dogs in sure to thrill us. You can create a Christmas village scene right on your mantel.

You will need rolls of inexpensive paper, some pinecones, pine branches and en evergreen wreath. Also find as many ornaments depicting village life as you can. Then all you have to do is create a static scene by placing everything strategically and bringing the scene to life with fairy lights.

3.     Some Nostalgia and Coziness

Christmas is all about family time and cherishing memories right? You could also turn your mantel into a gallery depicting all the cherishing times you have had at previous Christmases as a family. You can even select your antique family frames and layer them with some garlands, fairy lights and handmade ornaments.

The entire scene will be a true essence of the previous beautiful holiday seasons you’ve had, while celebrating the loved ones you miss.

4.     Gingerbread House

Yes, we’re not kidding. Your mantel can transform into a magical gingerbread theme too. You will require a row of homemade gingerbread houses, sugar cookie trees, and sugar snow coats. Once you line these up, all you need to do is let your creativity run free and adorn your mantel as best as you like.

If you have a love for palaces and fairytales, we don’t see why you cannot create a gingerbread palace with Christmas ornaments around. You can create kickstands using cookie scrap and icing to prop up your décor items. We can tell your visitors will just drool over your mantelpiece throughout the season.

5.     Go Eclectic and Loud

Christmas is all about merrymaking isn’t it? Then why contain yourself when you can be as loud and eclectic as you want when the season allows it? You can do some fantastic DIY garlands with miniature presents, Christmas cards, sleighs, miniature Santa’s, bold props in red or blue, reindeers, poinsettia wreaths and the works.

All it needs is a passion for Christmas, a love for colors and a loud personality to give your mantel an eclectic transformation for Christmas.

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