Are you planning to purchase a pre-lit Christmas tree this holiday? Here’s a little heads up: you might get overwhelmed by the variety of lighting patterns in the market. However, there are two types of light – incandescent and LED. Both lights have their peculiarities and knowing them would guide your choice.

Incandescent light trees

These are the traditional burning bulbs (classic lights) and are less expensive than LED-lit trees. These traditional lights emit a bright glow, sending a spark of nostalgia to the eyes. Trees with traditional light are available in a wide variety and can be found in several stores.

LED light trees

This is a more novel and sophisticated addition to the pre-lit Christmas trees collection. They are quite expensive than the traditional light trees initially. However, they are more durable and long-lasting; reducing the cost of replacing burned out bulbs drastically. LED bulbs are energy-saving as they use up less electricity than the classic lights.

Older LEDs have been criticized for emitting harsh light glow. However, more recent LEDs now emit softer light. LEDs trees also have fewer varieties than the incandescent lights.

Choosing the perfect Christmas light

When choosing your desired light pattern for your tree, you must consider the location of the tree. Some Christmas lights are not best suited for outdoor and indoor use. If you’d be using the pre-lit tree for outdoor use, you should purchase the ones that are safe for external use.

Pre-lit Christmas trees come in clear, multi-colored or both light patterns. Selecting is based on your preference, style, and decoration theme. For a more elegant Christmas theme, the clear lights are your best bet. On the other hand, the multi-colored lights add more fun and playfulness to the atmosphere.

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