christmas glass toy

When we think about the holidays, we often think about the stress that comes with the holidays. Whether you are stressing over the family coming to your home during the holidays, or maybe finding the perfect gift for those in your life…it can lead to you dreading the holidays. There are even those who dread decorating their tree and their home for the holidays. Why? They often have something pictured in their head for how they want their holidays to look and end up with something else completely. The key to decorating your tree and home for the holidays is to have fun. But, how do you do this?

Check out these ideas for making decorating your tree not only something that you have fun in doing, but something that you look forward to doing year after year!

  1. Remember this is not a competition! There is nothing worse than comparing your finished tree to that of those who you may visit. This is not a competition so quit treating it like it is one.
  2. Play some holiday music while decorating your tree. You will be surprised at just how much this can help to put you into the right mood to decorate.
  3. Let everyone pitch in! This can be a great way to make yourself feel less stressed for having to decorate. Plus, it will be a great time for everyone to joke and kid around!
  4. Have a favorite movie playing in the background…this can make the decorating time a bit more relaxed.
  5. Turn tree  decorating time into story time when the entire family is helping. For example, talk about the various ornaments, why you chose those, and then the history of those family ornaments that may be heirlooms. This can be a great way to make memories that kids are going to remember forever!
  6. Don’t be so serious! There is nothing that states you have to do all your tree decorating in one night, you can space this around several different days when you have the time. And there is nothing that says you have to have a picture perfect tree…what makes it perfect will be the memories that you associate with the tree!

How will you be having fun this year when decorating your prelit Christmas tree? Have a few laughs, be a little silly and you will greatly enjoy the end result.

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