Christmas is the time of year we open our homes, our wallets and our hearts to those in need. Do you want to make a difference in your community this holiday season? Why not adopt a homeless pet from your nearest animal shelter? Sharing your life and your home with an animal will provide you with many beautiful memories for many years.

Puppy mills and pet stores get their supply from “breeders,” and are highly sought after like status symbols. At the same time, thousands of homeless animals spend their lives waiting for a family to take them to their forever home. 

Research has shown that pets help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety and help us live longer. 

Imagine filling your home with a furry friend this holiday season. Does this idea bring your joy? What are you waiting for? Go save a life today. 

Things to consider when adopting an animal this Christmas:

-Instead of looking for a puppy or kitten, maybe look for the older animals who have been there the longest. 

-Make sure your home is pet-proof BEFORE you bring your pet home. This includes storing all cleaning chemicals in a safe storage area, removing all breakable items from the “pet level,”‘ and maybe restricting access to the artificial Christmas tree

-Many places offer a 2 for 1 special. Why not get a friend for your pet, so they’re never lonely when you’re away?

-When you adopt from the shelter, your pet will come with a microchip, vaccinations, and spayed/neutered if they are the appropriate age for this. You won’t have to worry about making separate appointments for this. 

-Many pet stores will be offering their mega-sales on “clearance” items around Christmas. This is a great time to stock up on supplies if you don’t already have them, look into artificial Christmas trees as well. 

Does your landlord have a no-pet policy? You can still go volunteer with the animals. The company will brighten their day and yours as well. You’re sure to come away with a few new friends, both 2 and four-legged.

Christmas is one of the best times of the year to open your home to a homeless animal. Whether it’s a cat, dog, ferret, bird, or another animal, together, you can make each other’s lives better. Make a difference in their lives, and your own, when you adopt, don’t shop this holiday season! 

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