The joy of the Christmas season, the delight it brings to every household, are the common reasons we all love the season. However, there are a lot of facts we do not know about. From Coca-Cola’s involvement in Santa’s image design and many other events.

  • “Jingle Bells” was not a Christmas song. It used to be a Thanksgiving song. It was initially titled, “Once Horse Upon Sleigh.”Lord Pierpont composed it. He rendered it in a Thanksgiving concert. It later got repackaged and released with the title it has presently. 
  • The date was not always on the 25th of December. There was no said date in the Bible. The time got fixed later in the third century. 
  • The Christmas Tree became Iconic in Europe with Prince Albert of Germany. He had presented one to his wife, Queen Victoria of England. This is dated to as far back as 1848.
  • Coca-Cola had a big part in the making of Santa’s image. They transformed the early spooky looks of Santa with the services of Haddon Sundblom in 1931.
  • Christmas was an illegal celebration at a point in time. The Puritans had perceived it as a pagan celebration. Between the period of 1659 to 1681, it was an unlawful celebration. 
  • The settlers created the first batch of American eggnog. It wasn’t as tasty as the present kind you have tasted, but it started that way. It was not one luxurious item at the start.
  • To avoid the disappointment kids face whenever they write a letter to Santa Claus, the Canadian government has created a unique zip code. This means that Canadian kids can now get replies from Santa.
  • The fun name was given to the celebration, “Xmas,” which was never a thing until the 1500s. It is similar to the abbreviation of Christian as “Xtian.”
  • A large percentage of American citizens celebrate the Yuletide season. Reports even show a whopping 90 percent!
  • The festive favorite is not Turkey. It is Ham. For your Christmas meal, the most popular choice is Ham.

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